Cubitt House Logotype and branding 2021
The Double Red Duke Branding, signage and print 2021 Illustration by Christopher Brown
Rapha Rapha for Apple packaging 2018 with Rapha & Progress Packaging. Product photography by Tif Hunter. Packaging photograph by Guy Farrow.
Harts Group El Pastor Mezcal 2019 Illustration by Emily Simpson
The Fine Cheese Co. Wholesale brochure art direction 2020 Photography by Jason Lowe
MØR Hjerte Bakeri Packaging design 2020 Illustration by Sarah Maycock
Carluccio's Porcini poster 2008 Illustration by Jeff Fisher
El Pastor Menu designs for Stoney Street 2016
The Fine Cheese Co. Packaging design for the Heritage range of crackers 2020 Photographs by Jason Lowe
Quo Vadis Identity and menus, since 2012 Illustration by John Broadley
Fendi X Pasta Rummo Limited edition packaging design for Fendi SS21 show invitation
The Harts Group 10th Anniversary Special Selection label 2013 Illustration by Julian Roberts
Gail's Bakery Preserve labels 2017
Harvest Moon Milk alternative 2020 Illustration by Emily Simpson
Design For Diversity Mark for a campaign to increase racial diversity into the interior design industry 2020
Pasta Rummo Restaurant and retail posters 2020 Illustration by Lucia Gaggiotti
Jacobsons Logotype and mark – 2019
Ida's Fish Bar Branding and packaging 2015 Lettering with Rob Clarke
Carluccio’s Valentine 2014 Illustration by Malika Favre
John Lewis Classic games packaging 2014
Carluccio's Christmas 2019 Illustrations by Tatiana Bokyo
Pasta Rummo Website design 2019 With Charlotte Moore
Artisan Biscuits Mark 2020
Carluccio's Menus 2011-2015 Illustration by Marion Deuchars
Country Creatures The Swan, Ascott-under-Wychwood – Branding 2019 Illustration by Emily Simpson & Christopher Cobb
El Camino Word mark for a restaurant in Palma, Mallorca – 2018
The Drop Event posters 2019 Lettering by Ged Palmer, Illustration by Emily Simpson
Carluccio's Al Fresco word mark 2011 Illustration by George Hardie
The Drop Poster 2018 Illustration by Mads Berg
El Pastor Tortilleria posters & branding 2018 Illustrations by Emily Simpson & Christopher Cobb
Pasta Rummo Logotype 2012
The Fine Cheese Co. Wholesale brochure art direction 2018 Photography by Jason Lowe
Quo Vadis Wine & cocktail list covers 2012 Illustration by John Broadley
Harvest Moon Website design and art direction 2018 Illustration by Anne Smith
Carluccio's Colomba packaging 2009 Illustration by Lucia Gaggiotti
Hart Bros Wine labels 2015 onwards
The Fine Cheese Co. Flavoured cracker range 2017 Illustration by Joel Penkman
Matches Retail packaging 2007 Marbling by Annie Muir
Rummo Pasta Identity and packaging 2012 Illustration by Peter Horridge, Karen Murray
El Pastór Branding and signage 2016
El Pastor El Pastor mark 2017
Tacos el Pastor Menus 2018 Illustrations by Emily Simpson & Christopher Cobb
Carluccio's Amaretti packaging 2007
The Fine Cheese Co Wholesale brochure art direction 2019 Photography by Jason Lowe
Rude Health Kids cereal range 2017 Illustration by Lucia Gaggiotti
Carluccio's Easter poster 2015 Illustration by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
El Camino Menu design 2018 Illustration by Emily Simpson
Tribe Logotype for a natural sports nutrition brand 2015
The Fine Cheese Co Partners for Cheese packaging 2014 Illustration by Karen Murray
Carluccio’s Christmas gift packaging 2014
Carluccio’s Easter posters 2012 Illustration by Jean Jullien
Quo Vadis Members Club 2016 With NOW London, Photograph for Quo Vadis by Greg Funnell, illustration by John Broadley
John Lewis &Beauty identity 2015
Carluccio's Panettone Tradizionale 2004
Rapha Mont Ventoux skincare packaging 2011
Rapha Logotype for Ventoux skincare range 2011
Rude Health Identity and packaging 2013 Illustration by Jack Hughes
Artisan Biscuits Two by Two naming and packaging Illustration by Lucia Gaggiotti
Carluccio's Riso Rosso Selvatico 2005 Illustration by Julian & Lily Roberts, after Bruno Munari
Edward Green Packaging 2014
Rude Health Cafe branding 2016 With NOW London, photograph Enzo Cerri
The Fine Cheese Co Catalogue design and art direction 2007 onwards Photography by Jason Lowe
San Carlo 1936 branding and packaging 2016 Illustration by Karen Murray
John Lewis Connoisseur glassware packaging 2014 Photography by David Parfitt
Harvest Moon Identity and packaging 2014 Illustration by Anne Smith
Harvest Moon Marketing campaign 2017 With Charlotte Moore. Illustration by Anne Smith.
Carluccio’s Menus 2005-2011 Illustration by Valérie Roy
Fino One in a series of illustrated logotypes 2014
Byron Naming, brand concept and founding identity 2007
Carluccio's Pandoro packaging 2013 Illustration by Malika Favre
Carluccio's Christmas gift boxes – 2013 Illustration by Malika Favre
Carluccio's Panettone packaging 2013 Illustration by Mailka Favre
Rapha Climber’s shoe packaging overview 2014 with Progress Packaging
Rapha Climber’s shoe packaging detail 2014 with Progress Packaging
The Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese packaging 2011 Photography by Jason Lowe
El Pastor Poster 2016 Illustration by Jonathon Niclaus
Carluccio's Garrick Street invitation 2007
The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia shop retail graphics and signage 2016 With NOW London
Brompton Design District Logotype 2012
Quo Vadis Bakery bags 2012 Illustration by John Broadley
The Fine Cheese Co. Stilton pots 2014 Illustration by John Broadley, Photograph by Jason Lowe
Barrafina New menus 2016 Illustration by Kate Boxer
Duchy Originals New logo design 2009 with Rob Clarke and Peter Windett
Carluccio's Speciality pasta 2015
Brompton Design District Design festival map 2008
Gabb Family Wines Labels 2013 Illustration by John Broadley
Carluccio's Antipasti range 2005
The Fine Cheese Co Natural Cracker range packaging 2004 Illustration by Karen Murray
Bumpkin Seasonal B’s 2012 Illustration by Karen Murray
Carluccio's Balsamic vinegar 2002
Artisan Biscuits Seasonal tins 2015 Illustration by Clare Melinsky
Food from Fife Logotype 2010 Calligraphy by Peter Horridge
Carluccio's Retail bags 2006 Illustration by Christopher Brown & Adrian Johnson
Artisan Biscuits Mondovino Aperitivo 2016 Illustration by Malika Favre
No. Twelve Queen Street Logotype 2005 Calligraphy by Peter Horridge
Artisan Biscuits Mission Cookies logo 2012 Illustration by Christopher Brown
Heart & Flour Mark for a new food brand 2017 Illustration by Emily Simpson